It is worth cheating on your app or workflow once in a while

My constant jump from tech to tech, refining my workflows.

Quite often I find myself finding a new technology or application that excites me. And quite often, these apps are a new approach to an existing problem and solution. Meaning, I discover an app that does things slightly differently or better. Then I find myself jumping into this new application, exploring what it can do, and yet again falling in love with a new app.

For example, I've tried every single to-do list app out there. And every time I find a new one, I'm drawn to a slightly new way of doing things. Every time I take that leap of faith to switch to a new to-do app, I spend A LOT of time migrating and setting up my new workflow.

Though I feel like it can be a waste of time jumping from app to app, I've grown to realize there are a few things I really value in this process.

  1. It forces me to unlearn and relearn things
    As this quote from Naval tells us, it is important to constantly refine our processes by unlearning bad processes and learning new ones.
  2. It gives me a fresh start
    Sometimes your space or process can get cluttered and a fresh start can help you get rid of the trash and start on a clean slate.
  3. It keeps that system more exciting
    Curiosity is what makes the learning process fun. By learning new things the process stays fun and allows you to stick with the system for longer.

So I say, Embrace the curiosity of finding and trying new apps and workflows, especially if it isn't going to cost you too much. It will ultimately teach you new things and keep you more invested.

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