Mushrooms help trees communicate

  • Fungi seem to be the ultimate species on the earth that keeps the cycle of life going by decaying the dead and regenerating new life

  • Mycelium is the network of roots created by fungi, mushrooms are the reproductive fruits

  • Mycelium is everywhere, it creates the largest web network in the world

  • One hypothesis is that mushrooms played a role in the ultra-fast growth of the human brain and our evolution through mind-expanding compounds (Psychedelic/mind-expanding?/magic mushrooms)

  • Fungi kill other harmful microbes, hence making for great fertilizers

  • Trees can communicate through the mycelium to each other to share resources and help each other grow

  • psychedelic mushrooms can help disassociate fear-condition response - tested on mice (psilocybin - a compound of magic mushrooms), helps in neurogenesis

    • Less anxiety, depression, pain, closer relationships, loss of fear of death

    • One experience can be life-changing

  • Mushrooms save bees!

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